Stepping into a new era of Marketing

Tokyo, 23.  July 2010

Aventa now involved into cutting edge Smart Phone Marketing with KGA Koyosha Graphics of America

A new era of marketing has arrived. Mobile handheld devices like the IPhone, Android SmartPhones and IPad are just the beginning of a new era which will dramatically change the way you could reach your specific target groups.

Mass media like TV, print and other media are a one way street. With mobile devices at the first time in history a very intimate communication with the customer is made possible. And the the customer can always decide himself which contents he really needs and wants. Companies applying these new marketing methods can increase customer loyalty, track customer behavior better than ever before and finally increase their ROI.

Christian Schmitz, CEO of Aventa now became an associate of KGA Koyosha Graphics of America and is now working on the acquisition of new major clients.
“KGA is the perfect addition to the Aventa Smart Marketing & Strategy tool set. The company has offices both in San Francisco as well as in Tokyo so that the most innovative programming from the US can be combined with expertise in the latest mobile devices technology from Japan.”
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