At an Investor Dinner in Tokyo in 2021

The founder Christian Schmitz had made a number of success stories in various industries. Find below a few statements from people Schmitz has been working with.

“In the beginning of his career I had the pleasure to work with Schmitz on a project to introduce a very innovative product into the Japanese market. Schmitz helped us especially with smart and effective marketing ideas as well as with liasing with the Japanese business partners which was an important part of the success story of the product which is now one of the leading herbicides in the Japanese market for rice.”
Juergen Echle, Global Portfolio Management, Bayer CropScience

“We were very lucky in finding Schmitz and he has been hired by us as president of the Japanese affiliate company. For 3  ½  years he helped us expanding sales in the Japanese market significantly. He always worked with great passion and enthusiasm and very professional. He has excellent contacts to the media and could really contribute a lot to the brand hulsta in Japan.”
Siegfried Ermeling, former Export Director of hulsta Germany

“Schmitz helps us as consultant on expanding our client basis. He is always talking to the top decision makers and most of his contacts could easily be transformed into real business. We are very happy to have him as a partner.”
Dave Mori, president and founder of English OK and KUDOS

“Schmitz is very professional and his network in the Japanese market is simply astonishing. He helped us to open up new points of sales in a very effective way. We thank him for his contribution in launching Parrot designer products to high level  interior shops all over Japan.”
Regis Verin, President Toda Mode Japan