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What is SMARTer about working with Aventa?

In times of economic downturn budgets are limited and a strong focus on generating sales is a given. Aventa has developed a set of Smart Marketing tools comprising target focused and innovative measures. We are working with a network of the best professionals in each area.

Smarter Ways to enter the Japanese market

  • Market research, brand positioning
  • Legal advice for setting up your office in Japan
  • Direct contact to real estate developers
  • Hiring staff for your operations
  • Smart and effective ways to market your product and services in Japan

Smarter Strategies

  • We are working with you and implement the strategy together
  • Effective measures at lowest possible budgets

Smart Marketing

  • Target group focused marketing at lowest possible budgets

PR & Media

  • Direct contact to lifestyle media and press in Japan enables cost effective PR measures
  • Design your media, web, catalogs, brochures


  • Cross Marketing with international top brands
  • Entertaining events for your customers
  • Educational events, staff training

Artist management