Urimat – Eco Toilet

Distribution agreement with No1 Japanese Housing Manufacturer

Aventa is a major shareholder in REME KK (Remember Ecology). REME is the sole importer of URIMAT the Eco Toilet into Japan.
REME KK could reach a major distribution agreement with Daiwa House Group the NO1 housing manufacturer in Japan starting effectively from January 2011.

Two out of the Daiwa House Group companies now are actively pushing the URIMAT Eco Toilet into the Japanese market. Daiwa Energy and Daiwa Odakyu.

The founder of Aventa, Christian Schmitz has a long term private relationship with Tamio Ishibashi who is one of the sons of the Daiwa House Group founder’s family Ishibashi.
After very carefully testing the URIMAT system in Daiwa House group facilities and after getting to know about the tremendous benefits of URIMAT for the environment as well as for cost savings, the two companies above made the decision to actively promote this product from Switzerland in Japan.


  • An Eco Toilet using NO water, NO oil, NO chemicals, NO electricity and does not smell
  • Saves our planet’s water resources and helps reducing CO2 emissions
  • Saves money for building owners and facility management companies
  • Worldwide patented next generation technology
  • Unique and worldwide patented advertising display which generates cash income from toilet installation
  • Each sold URIMAT supports water projects in third world countries in cooperation with UNICEF

The company URIMAT had been founded in 1998 after succeeding in introducing the next generation Eco toilet with NO water and NO smell to the world.
This had been made possible through more than 3 years of research on new materials with the German chemical and life science company Bayer AG.

The worldwide patented system consists of three main factors:

  1. The material is a special, extremely smooth surface made of Polycarbonate (MAKROLON)
  2. The cartridge inside the URIMAT works on a simple, mechanical principle
  3. The microbacteria based cleaning agent MB Active Cleaner which dissolves all odor related issues and helps protecting the pipes from clogging by urine stones

For more information please access www.urimat.co.jp (Japanese) or www.urimat.com (English)

With Daiwa House Group the intention is now to sell a couple of thousands units in the first few years of market penetration in Japan.

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