European Business Council – Railway Comittee

Tokyo, 17 March, 2010

Schmitz participates the first time in the European Business Council Meeting.

This time a special guest was invited. Mr. Atsushi Kawai, Executive Director of the JR Railway Technical Research Institute.
Mr. Kawai talked about special requirements for becoming a successful supplier to Japanese railway companies.

He also outlined the future vision for Japanese transport and railway. Keywords are Environment, Safety and CO2 reduction.
Especially in terms of safety Japan has severe regulations.

European Business Council at Work

Mr. Kawai answering questions of the comittee

One burning issue is there which is important for JR and they are looking for a supplier being able to fulfill the requirements.

For more information, please contact Aventa Japan and ask for Christian Schmitz.

Aventa will participate also in other comittee meetings in the future. It is important to strengthen business opportunities by enforcing relations with political leaders.

Please check also the web page of EBC (European Business Council)


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