Audi A8 launched! iPad application available now

15 December 2010

Cutting edge technology on the iPad – KGA Koyosha Graphics of America did a fantastic job

Aventa partners with KGA Koyosha Graphics of America on the business development of high end clients for smart phone and touch screen devices marketing solutions. KGA has offices in San Francisco as well as in Tokyo which enables them to have the latest software trends from Silicon Valley as well as the latest in hardware in mobile devices in the Japanese market. The deal with Audi marks a mile stone in the history of this enterprise. Much more is expected to come. KGA is extremely speedy, anticipates the needs of the client instead of reacting to it and has an enormous capability of realizing the dreams of a new generation of high end customers. The iPad application released to the Audi A8 client also in the iPad app store opens up the whole world of Audi in an entertaining and educational way.

Just have a look and download it

Audi A8 Application

This was the final curtain... amazing show!

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