1st Anniversary of AventA

Tokyo, April 7, 2010

Last year in April AventA was founded by Christian Schmitz. The first year has been a highly profitable year and activities could be developed extremely well.

The 1st anniversary party will be held at the premium location of Oakwood in Roppongi Midtown. Oakwood had been a main sponsor for the Japan tour of Stefan Schmitz in 2009.
Look for surprise guests and stay tuned for many Easter eggs which will be unveiled…

We will also have some live music by the string quartet Wooden Dreams.

Please use the contact form on the AventA page by clicking the link below to apply for participation in this party.
This event will be organized together with the premium network Decayenne. Decayenne members will have access to several benefits on this party.

Contact us

Come and celebrate with AventA and look out for another year of great success.

A window to the future - bright outlook for AventA partners

AventA Vision

Aventa connects people, businesses and helps building a society in which everybody can be happy.
By making success in business we will contribute part of our profits to humanitarian causes and to the environment.
Enjoying a luxury lifestyle is great, but never forget that there is poverty and starvation in the world.
Never also forget that we are only guests on this planet and we need to care about the environment.

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